The Completed Re-Created Victorian Pendant for Larry McQueen

When you get the package back from the plating company, I always take a deep breath and hope that it looks like the real thing.

I prefer to make jewelry in the metal of choice and not to plate my designs. However, sometimes the project parameters require plating. I opened the box and was delighted to see a beautiful product. A beautiful job on the two tone plating.


  Bergman 090 Bergman 088

Bergman 091

This was the start of a new adventure for me. Shortly after this project I was commissioned to re-create three new and different pieces. A brooch for Carole Lombard, a pendant for Greta Garbo and a brooch for Susan Hayward.


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  1. This process of re-creating jewelry pieces with Kathleen Lynagh that were originally worn with costumes that I have in my collection was one of the most exciting and rewarding projects I have worked on. It’s difficult to faithfully design something that you can barely see and certainly not see the fine details that you know were there and want to make sure are there in the re-creative interpretation of the piece. The history and the mechanics that were involved was a process that I knew nothing about. I often asked for the re-production of something that happens in nature and is not so easy to mechanically re-create. Because of honest budgetary constraints and the fact that these costume jewelry pieces are to be used only to enhance the magic of the costume in exhibition, it was a challenge to create pieces that were faithful to the original design. The journey has been an amazing experience and one that I hope to continue.
    Larry McQueen
    The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design

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