Greta Garbo’s Pendant | Researching Historical Jewelry at GIA

How fortunate we are to be located so closely to GIA, better known as Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California, is a nonprofit gem research institute dedicated to protecting the public by providing education and objective, unbiased gem evaluations.

Swedish Wedding Crown - Walters Art Gallery
Swedish Wedding Crown Walters Art Museum

The staff was very helpful in our research.  For more information about GIA check their site:

Here are few items we found during our research at GIA and on the internet. These historical resources were used to support our design concept. We complied them into a creative story board, an essential tool in the design process.

Greta Garbo project research Greta Garbo's' research Greta Garbo's research Greta Garbo's research Greta Garbo's research

 After reviewing the photos and studying the details we drew several options for the pendant design.
Since the resources we had were all in black & white, it took some time to figure out if the pendant was mainly gold or mainly silver. After careful consideration we decide to go with the silver.

Garbo Drawings 6

Greta Garbo's research
Using a story design board on a project like this is essential
Greta Garbo's research
Revision #9. Nine was our lucky number.

Greta Garbo's research

Greta Garbo's research

Our next step was to carve the waxes needed to create this pendant. It took 26 waxes to make this pendant.


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