The Collection | Casting the Wax Models

We work with a wonderful casting company in Northern California. They cast in a variety of metals. The day we finished carving was one of the hottest days of the summer. And I worried that the waxes might be affected by the summer heat during transportation, but the casting gods were with us and they arrived unmelted.

Wax Carving
Greta Garbo and Susan Hayward waxes on the trees
Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry
Greta Garbo, Susan Hayward & Carole Lombard waxes sprued to the trees

To cast in the lost wax method, waxes are carefully attached or sprued to a treelike structure of wax that will eventually provide paths for the molten casting material to flow and for air to escape. To sprue you begin at base with a wax “cup,” which is attached by wax cylinders to various points on the wax models.

The sprue is not hollow, as it will be melted out later in the process. Shown below are you will find our waxes sprued to the trees. This is done right before they are placed in a flask and made ready for the plaster pour.


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