Carving Waxes for Greta Garbo’s Pendant

We prefer to carve the design models in wax. Using solid blocks of dark purple wax we carve each design element until every detail is perfect. Each wax carving is taken to the highest finish possible.

For us better waxes means less work in metal. It also gives our clients the opportunity to see the pendant in 3-d before we cast it in metal.

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry Ribbon Frame
Ribbon Frame

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry Small flowers for garnets
Small flowers for garnets
Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry Settings for gemstones
Settings for gemstones

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry
26 waxes were carved to create the Greta Garbo Re-Created Pendant

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry Next step is to send them to the casting house.


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