Glass Artist, Kathleen Mitchell

Making a re-created jewelry design for such an incredible Hollywood legend has been journey in itself. When Larry McQueen asked us to re-create this brooch, we were intrigued. He wanted us to remake the brooch that Carole Lombard own and wore in My Man Godfrey without spending the fortune it was worth. The beaded gown would be on exhibit at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Little did we know that between our resources in the East and here in the US there were none to be found that would even come close to the gem she owned. Like the iconic movie star this star sapphire was rare and unique, 152 carats. No one could make us one and no one could find us one. So we had to decide to have the next best thing and commission the creation of a new star.

We contacted a San Diego glass artist that worked closely with us on this challenge, Kathleen Mitchell.  Kathleen carefully experimented with glass working over several weeks to create the star we needed.

Here are some of the samples.

Glass Samples 155
Could we re-create the star in glass?
Glass Samples 151
Color was important
Kathleen was able to add thin threads of glass to the inside of the molten glass to create a star inside.
Glass Samples 160
Four different ways to show the star

Glass Samples 157

What we discovered is that this was REALLY difficult. Image an artist in front of a hot kiln, rolling the glass, adding color and then adding fine threads of glass to create the star. Only thing we could say is that Kathleen Mitchell is a true artist and did a wonderful job.


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