Looking for the 152ct Star Sapphire owned by Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard Brooch

Carole Lombard’s “goose egg” of a star sapphire was an outstanding gemstone. How would we ever find one to represent the lost gem?

After searching for weeks we decided to recreate the gem in glass. Figuring out the size of the sapphire was tricky due to the fact that several of the newspapers reported different carat weights for the star (anywhere from 150-157 carats). We used a gemstone calculator and determined the size of the gemstone from a scaled photograph of the brooch. With our best estimates in diameter and height we were able to come to the agreement that 152 carats was about right.

With the resources on the internet we connected with Hollywood historians/collectors and found several pictures of Carole Lombard wearing her brooch, on and off screen. We use these images to develop the re-creative design drawings. Once the drawings were approved we then start carving the wax carving model.

Lombard design 183


Lombard design 174
Having the actual dress helped us determine the scale and size of the brooch

Lombard design 176
Sample of the pave and channel setting for our brooch

Sapphire color sample
Lombard design 179 Lombard design 180 Lombard design 181

Lombard design 182
Next step was add the pave pattern in wax
With my client’s budget in mind we developed a method in wax work to simulate the pave setting. We will post the wax development tomorrow.


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