Lombard   177The yellow bronze castings came back to the studio and we were very pleased with the work. We then shipped it out to the plating company for a rhodium finish.

Carole Lombard Brooch

Adding the Swarovski gemstones went quickly. We decided to channel set the crystal baguettes. We left the setting of the glass “Star Sapphire” to the end.

Lombard   181

Creating the “star” effect was the most difficult part in making this piece. We had tried several methods from engraving the star on the backplate in the brooch to painting the star effect behind the glass gem.

Here’s our final effect and we are very pleased to see it come together.

Lombard   182

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s   187
Next stop, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Along with Larry McQueen, owner of the Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design we delivered this “star sapphire and diamond” brooch to the Academy in Los Angeles. It is now on exhibit with the “Hollywood Costume Collection“.

The Hollywood Costume Collection Exhibition at the Academy runs from October 2-March, 2 2015. Go see it!