Visiting Winterthur | Downton Abby Costume Exhibit

Winterthur’s costume exhibit celebrating the costume designers for Downton Abby.

Downton Abby
Downton Abby Jewelry Diamond leaf hair ornament
Downton Abby
Mary’s jewelry

Downton Abby 196

Downton Abby 197

Downton Abby 198

Downton Abby 199

Downton Abby 200

Downton Abby 201

Downton Abby 205
This one is very interesting because it actually is a dress from the time period.

Downton Abby 206

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  1. The show seems incredibly meticulous not only in its costumes but also in its interior decorations. I wonder how difficult it has been for the designers as the show has progressed in time from its 1st season?

    1. Good question. I have spoken to one designer on Outlander and they said working on a period movie/series is difficult, crazy, there’s little to no sleep but the best time of their lives.

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