Susan Hayward’s Star Brooch | Designing and Carving the Wax Models

Before we can start making the waxes we need to have the gems in hand.

Since finding a real emerald cabochon within our budget was not possible. We were delighted to have found a vintage glass cabochon that looked like it was made for our project.

Kathleen Lynagh Designs
Here is the green cabochon placed on a polished background plate of sterling silver. We did this to determine the best way to present the stone, so it would maintain the rich color. Should we have a plate behind the stone or not?

Waxing carving is one of my specialties. One has to be careful not to carve too thin a plate, the casting metals will not flow properly when being cast if the design is too thin and too large. This brooch was one of the largest multi level casting we have ever made.

Using our drawings from the computer as templates, we carefully cut the wax layers
Each layer had a slight curve to it
Final wax carvings
Prepping the wax for the gems
Next step was to drill the holes for the gemstones

Once the holes were drilled then each diamond needed to be measured and placed on the wax. The diamond layouts took a few hours to create.

Continue reading – Adding the Gemstones.


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