Creating the Star Brooch for The Collection

Counting and placing diamonds or crystals for this design project is painstaking slow work. We selected varies sizes of crystals ranging  from 1mm – 4mm to re-create the Pave style setting for Susan Hayward’s Star brooch.

Stone layout
Crystals and glass “emerald”
Having created the initial design drawings for the brooch on the computer enabled us to have the flexibility of getting the design exactly the way we waited without moving an actual gemstone. A wonderful time saver in the gemstone layout process.

Gemstone layouts
Gemstone layout

Susan Pictures Work  222
Ready to drill the holes for the crystals
Using the print-outs from the computer we overlaid them onto the wax carving and hand drilled the location of each stone. Once complete we removed the paper and proceeded to shape and size the openings to fit each crystal specified. The better the wax carving the less time you will spend in metal during the finishing process.

Susan Pictures Work  227
Here we are making certain that the crystals fit in the design layout before shaping the drill holes
Susan Pictures Work  226 Susan Pictures Work  229

Next step was to ship them off to our casting company. Each component is sprued to a “tree” then placed in a flask, plaster is poured into the flask, dried then burned out in an oven, leaving the hallow forms to be filled with liquid metal. The end product will be yellow bronze castings. We selected yellow over white due to the fact that yellow casts better then white in details castings like our star brooch.

Susan Pictures Work  232
Faux pave wax details are carved in the wax before casting

Susan Pictures Work  231
Final waxes are assembled one last time to check the design before being sent to the casting company

Susan Pictures Work  234
Here are the waxes after they have been sprued to the base

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