Susan Hayward’s Star Brooch | Research & Design

Shown above: Initial conceptual sketch by Larry McQueen

It is not easy to re-create jewelry from a moving picture. We had very few studio images to work with, and none of them showed the full brooch. So we did our best. We decided to start with developing a conceptual drawing, and once that was approved to move onto finding the emerald cabochon.

Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry
Images from the film
Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry
Colored sketch created in Adobe Illustrator
Samples of different brooches from the same time period

We decided that our brooch would need to have multi levels to achieve this look. Next we had to locate an emerald that would fit our budget.

We were fortunate enough to find this vintage glass bombe from Etsy. It looked like a real emerald and was the exact size needed. Perfect color.

Continue with the Designing and Carving the Wax Models.


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