Susan Hayward’s Star Brooch at the Maker’s bench

After many days of refining design details, soldering, polishing and setting crystal gemstones, the complex brooch finally come to fruition. The emerald and diamond star brooch that was seen in movies like “Ada” and “Valley of the Dolls” was finally finished.

In the following series of pictures we will share the finishing processes needed to complete the Re-Creative Jewelry brooch for our client, Larry McQueen.

Susan Pictures Work  236
Top level of the brooch cast in yellow bronze
Susan Pictures Work  237
Soldering the top and second level together

Susan Pictures Work  238

Susan Pictures Work  247
All three levels were soldered to gather next phase is to have it plated to look like platinum

Susan Pictures Work  244

Susan Pictures Work  254
Right out of the box from the plating company, our next step was to add the cyrstal gemstones
Susan Pictures Work  253
Each stone needed to be cleaned in alcohol and glued into place
Susan Pictures Work  255
The center emerald was hand set, then we added the crystals starting with the lower level 4mm “gemstones”
Susan Pictures Work  273
The back of the brooch was finished with a soft diamond texture brush
Susan Pictures Work  261
The final product was stunning.
Susan Pictures Work  271
Wonderful packaging
Susan Pictures Work  286

Susan Hayward’s dazzling brooch can be seen now at the Hollywood Costume Exhibition in LA. October 2 to March 2, 2015.


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