Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry at the Academy Museum

Hollywood CostumeExhibit made it’s debut at the historic Wilshire May Company building, the  new home for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Los Angeles. Originally, organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (V&A), this exhibition explores costume design as an important part of cinematic storytelling.

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry
Star sapphire and diamond brooch on the beautifully beaded dress worn by Carole Lombard in “My Man Godfrey”
Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry
Close up showing our brooch on the original costume
Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry
Our re-created Carole Lombard’s star sapphire and diamond brooch.
Carole Lombard publcity photofor "My Man Godfrey"1936 Universal
Studio shot for the movie, My Man Godfrey

Greta Garbo’s pendant from “Queen Christina”.

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry Pendant
Close-up of pendant on the actual costume
Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry
Greta Garbo in the film “Queen Christina” wearing the pendant that we re-created for the exhibit
Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry
Taken during installation

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry


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    1. We are so happy that you enjoy the pieces. Thank you! It was a difficult process to have the “sapphire created” by a glass artist, Kathleen Mitchell. She does beautiful art glass and she worked hard with us to achieve the look we now have. We lost count on how many samples she made for the project. She never gave up and neither did we.

    1. Yes, we were commissioned to re-create the jewelry owned by Carole Lombard while she wore this dress in the film classic. “My Man Godfrey

      These dresses are part of the new Costume Collection exhibit now at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

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