Young Victoria’s Crown in My Studio

Sometimes when you least expect it you get lucky.

Deborah Landis interviewing Sandy Powell at the Getty

While attending a lecture at the Getty, Designing Victoria: Visual Sources for Historical Costume by costume designer, Sandy Powell, I found a beautiful Sapphire laying on the stage floor. I grabbed it like any jewelry designer would.

Knowing that a gem like this would be hard to find I promptly introduced my self and handed the “sapphire” over to Sandy Powell. The sapphire came from a movie prop that was on display at the lecture.  Sandy Powell had the crown re-created for the movie, The Young Victoria (2010). It had appeared to me, that the gemstone popped out of the setting while on display at the lecture.

Queen 217
Emily Blunt in the movie The Young Victoria. We were commissioned to repair the scepter on the left and the crown featured in this picture.

Next thing I knew I was being introduced as a new jewelry designer for films. I offered to work on the crown and landed the project. Pictures are worth a 1000 words so here is my short, yet fun project in photographs.

Queen 218
The cross had popped off the top of the crown and the sapphire need to be re-set.
Queen 223
Once the gemstone was reset then the cross had to be reattached to the movie prop.

Then onto the next project, rebuilding the scepter.

Queen 237
The scepter was badly damaged and need to be repaired and rebuilt.
Queen 247
I found the construction quite interesting. Each layer stacked inside of one another.


Queen 254

Queen 255

Queen 259
Project finished

One never knows where opportunities will present themselves. Being in the right place at the right time certainly helps. And always keeping an eye out for the gems in life.









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