From the maker’s bench…

My client is a professional story teller. Travels the world telling stories. Well one day, love brought him to our studio, so to speak. He and his wife wanted a new wedding ring that told a story. After chatting with him on how he weaves his stories under the stars and moon. We came up with this romantic story teller’s wedding band.

First we drew the layout for the design on the wax. And with the ease of technology today, we quickly recorded the design and had emailed the video for review. In a matter of minutes we received the client’s approval.

Next step was to carve the designs.

There are mountains, big skies and fire with smoke tendrils.

From the Maker's Bench 221 From the Maker's Bench 220 From the Maker's Bench 219 Carvings


Here are the final carvings:

From the Maker's Bench 225
The large drill hole will have an orange topaz to represent the harvest moon
From the Maker's Bench 224
Small drill hole will have a blue diamond for a small planet
From the Maker's Bench 223
Small drill holes will have white diamonds for the stars
From the Maker's Bench 222
Fire and smoke

Next week we should have the ring cast in sterling silver. More to follow.