And They Lived Happily Ever After…

The Story Teller’s Ring

The best part of my job is completing the project and handing it over to the client. Many artists have a hard time parting with their creations. I prefer making the project rather then keeping the creation.

Story 233
Harvest moon with stars over the mountain tops.
Story 235
Blue diamond and star over the smoke from the story teller’s fire pit.
Story 237
Smoke and fire from the story teller’s campfire. My client will set-up his story telling in front of an open fire under the stars and moon.
Story 236
These carvings represent the smoke from the campfire.


Story 238
Mountains with harvest moon and stars

Here is the completed ring in the presentation box.

The Story Teller’s Ring

We were delighted with the outcome. The patinas used on the ring worked well with the sterling silver in creating a starry night. The matte finished mountains, waves, fire and smoke added enough contrast for the design to stand out. We selected a poppy colored round topaz from Swaroski for the harvest moon, added two brilliant cut diamonds and one blue diamond for the stars. All the gemstones were flush set.


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  1. The ring you created for the Story Teller looks stunning and in so many ways reminds me of what I thought the ring in “Lord of the Rings” by Tolkien might have looked like. You love handing your completed project to the client, but have you ever worried about their reaction to your final product?

    1. Good point. I would have LOVED to design the ring for “Lord of the Rings” It would have been a great story in itself.

      I do not worry about what the client thinks at the end of the project because I show them samples and drawings with each and every step we take together. For me, the fun and the challenge is getting them what they want. And sometimes they do not even know what they want. But by the time we are finished with our journey their vision becomes a reality. For me that’s why I love to make jewelry, I get to know people and help them make something unique and meaningful. Thank you for reading about my work. KLH

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