Help! Carole Lombard Fans, Where is the 152 carat Star Sapphire?

Anyone? After re-creating this beautiful brooch, I am still hooked on finding the original star sapphire. Just for kicks. So if anyone reads this or knows of someone that can help please let me know. Thanks. Kathleen

If only Carole Lombard was with us now. We would ask her what happened to this incredible “goose egg” of a star sapphire.

Lombard 172

We can only speculate where it might be, but perhaps someone that reads our blog will tell us that they have this fabulous star sapphire locked up in a bank vault.

We have been researching this gem since the spring of 2014. If you have any information to share please comment on our blog.

We have spent hours pouring over newspaper articles on this brooch and we are willing to post what we have found. But first we must share our favorite studio shots of Carole Lombard wearing her 152 carat star sapphire and diamond brooch.


Lombard 174 Lombard 175 Lombard 176 Lombard 177 Lombard 178 Lombard 179

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