#74 Sterling Silver Ring

#74 Circus Type Font in a Sterling Silver Ring – What does it all mean?

All of my clients are unique, interesting people. I enjoy working on their projects, meeting their expectations and providing a service that can bring their jewelry dreams to fruition.


The #74 ring project was interesting for me because it was a marriage of graphic design (which I was a graphic designer for several years) lettering style and custom ring design.

Circus Type (1)
It all started with the Circus type font.
I still believe in providing hand drawn sketches.
The purple wax shown in this picture is wonderful for carving small details. It is hard and can hold its shape as your carve into the wax with files and burrs.
The light green wax is a very special wax. You can melt it and drop it onto another wax surface and it will form a ball. It’s amazing.

IMG_5265 IMG_5543

Sterling Silver with dark patina to highlight the details
So, after reading this , what do you think this ring means?
The final presentation. For more information see this ring on  Custom Made website.


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    1. Circus font was a challenge, it really did turn out well in 3d. Carving the little lines were hard on the eyes, but well worth it. Thank you for your comments. It’s good for me to share the possibilities in jewelry design.

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