Why Jewelry is Important

A family “jewel” is bequeathed to a daughter. A single large pearl with meaning.
I was commissioned to make a ring. I was touched by the thought of a daughter wanting to remember her mother by creating a gem to remember her by. A single pearl from her mother’s earring was turned into a new family heirloom.

Meaningful jewelry.

The name of this ring is the Slim Pearl Ring. The following images will show you a few steps we use in making custom jewelry. This ring is made from sterling silver and handcrafted in our studio. An original design from our classics collection, and available to order on our site www.Kathleen Lynagh.com.


The top ring was the inspiration for the design. It has a 6mm cultural pearl. My client’s pearl was 9mm round. The pearl is shown in the wax carving. Shown in the next few pictures…

Close-up of the wax carving with the pearl.




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    1. My client saw my ring designs on line and wanted the “Slim” Pearl ring. You can see it on the bench pin with the Black Pearl. This ring has been in my line since I started designing my own collection in 1995. It has a simple knife edge design to it. It’s very comfortable. It’s nice to hear from you.

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