Love Bracelet

Love is in the air and jewelry is a wonderful way to express the joy of love.

My client wanted to make a sterling silver cuff with “love” handwritten (using his letter) in sterling silver wire on the top of the cuff. This would be a meaningful gift for his bride.

Client's Design
Sketch from our client

We started the design with his concept and then developed it into a drawing for approval.

My drawing for client approval

We started the cuff by annealing (soften) the sterling silver square stock by slowly heating it. Once soften I could then form the bars into the three bands of silver for the cuff design. Soldering them altogether went rather smoothly.

Annealing the silver square stock
Forming the three layers of the cuff design
Soldering the outer edges of the cuff


First level of polishing before adding in the word “love”


My client wanted to the word love written in round wire and then the letter “o” set with a pearl.
Love Cuff



Love Cuff By Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry


The sterling silver cuff came out lovely. I shipped it today, so Love is really in the air.


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    1. Thank you. When you want to try again I have a name of a good reference makers’s book for you to have in your jewelry library. It was my first reference book. We have all made what we might think is “ugly” but what you really made was a lesson on what not to do. You have to start some where. It only gets better if you love it. K

  1. This post fascinated me. To see someone else’s creative process in an area I have no knowledge of was most interesting. I like your blog because it is so different from most I read. And the bracelet is a work of art.

  2. Kathleen the cuff is so beautiful. It must be extraordinarily satisfying to make someone’s vision come to reality and to know it will be such a special gift. It warms my heart thinking of the recipient opening the gift. 🙂

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