Deco Style Silver Link Bracelet

My clients live in many locations all over the world. Working from a far is no longer an issue in designing projects – technology makes it easy to communicate and share ideas.

I received an email from a husband wanting to recreate a lost treasure for his wife. Her favorite bracelet fell off her wrist while sailing in the Cayman Islands. He sent this image to start the project.

This was the only view I had of the lost bracelet
With the design approved I carved the wax to match the bracelet link my client sent me. The wax had to be carved just a tad larger than the original to allow for finishing, casting and shrinkage.



Next we needed to hand pierce the connecting links from a sheet of silver.
silver bracelet
The clasp was designed to have two gems bezel set – these gems represented the lights of a boat. Red and green – we used emerald and garnet.

Bracelet and gift box
The final bracelet. I really enjoyed this project for varies of reasons. But the best part of the entire project was working with my client.


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    1. I heard from my client, that his wife thought he had hired a diver to look for the bracelet. It made smile when I heard that story. My us bad and I dive for fun….That’s why I make the things I do. It’s not just jewelry, most the time it’s happy endings or new beginnings. Either way a good story to share.

  1. Hi Kathleen. Love your work it’s stunning. Bit of a question from left field. I’m a dental technician in Australia and i have the same tanita scales you have pictured here. Don’t know if you know much about 3D printing but i’m desperate for a 3D file for the battery cover of these scales. My cover broke and this would save me buying a new model as i’m sure you’re aware they are not cheap. Anyhow keep up the great work and my fingers are crossed you may be able to help. Regards Adrian

    1. Thank you for your question. Glad you found my work stunning, it is always nice to hear a compliment. I am afraid I do not work with any 3-d printers, so I do not believe I can help you with printing. You best bet might be to contact the manufacture directly for a new battery cover. Perhaps they will have one. Good luck! Kathleen

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