Lydia Courteille – An Amazing Artist


She is one of my a favorite designers, bold and adventurous, two characteristics that I admire.

Lydia Courteille’s jewellery collection tells the tale of a Native American legend, thru the use of vibrant gemstones and amazing metalwork.

Lydia Courteille is based in Paris. She has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years. This collection, the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy takes its name and vibrant colours from the legendary prediction made by the Arizona-based Hopi tribe that the souls of the world’s first men will return to Earth as a rainbow-hued collective to teach people about love and worship.

According to the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy: “It will come a day when people of all races, colours and faiths will disregard their differences. The warriors of the rainbow will come together in love, joining hands in the unification to cure the Earth and all its children.”

Her work comes alive with the use of colored gemstones such as rainbow chrysocolla, turquoise, amethysts, tsavorites, sapphires and diamonds all set in copper-coated gold and accented by color enamels.

Her work speaks for itself. She is a fabulous designer.






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