Tucson Jewelry Show

I have been attending the annual International Tucson Gem Show since I was a buyer for a design studio in Oakland, in the early 90’s.  Seems like ages ago. But I never grow tired of the amazing sights to behold, tables piled high with gems and pearls.

This mega show (45 separate shows) is a wonderful place to meet industry peers (55,000 people in two weeks, not including the vendors), attend workshops and even movie screenings. This year’s show was filled with beauty; slices of gems, black gold with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold to list a few. Precious gems every where.

Emerald bracelet KathleenLynagh
Emerald cut Emeralds…From Royal India USA. It is a unique design. It took two years to collect the 66.69 carats of Columbian emeralds.
Opals were everywhere.

Aqua Kathleen LynaghStrands of large rough cut aquamarine caught my eye. There were tents the size of football fields  filled with trays of colorful gems, each with all different kinds of cuts.

Sharing the RoughJCK Tucson provided a special screening of the movie “Sharing the Rough” by Orin Mazzoni. A documentary about the journey of a gem from the mine to the market. A wonderful film that chronicles the journey of a singular East African gemstone to a finished piece of jewelry.

Tucson is a beautiful gem.


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