TEFAF Maastricht 

Beautiful showcase for beautiful jewelry. Hemmerle at TEFAF Maastricht. 

Tom Postma Design Hemmerle TEFAF 2016
Hemmerle TEFAF 2016

Using American nut wood and aluminum , the “floating” lattice walls, designed by Dutch architect, Tom Postma set the stage for the new Hemmerle collection called the [AL] Project.  The space consists of 16 screens, made up of more than 3,000 rods of American nutwood and more than 17,000 specially manufactured pieces of aluminium compound that connect the rods.
Gems image fromJewelsduJour.jpg
[al] Project: Floral creations made with gems and aluminum, by Hemmerle. This collection uses aluminum in a most brilliant way. Yes, I said aluminum, for more information visit Hemmerle [al] project

image fromJewelsduJour3
Amazing use of color. Materials used, aluminum and gems.

Not all of the works on exhibit are from contemporary designers. Below are two of my favorite images. Rich gold with gorgeous gems are the highlights shown in these pieces.

image fromJewelsduJour
1940 Fouquet gold bracelet from van Kranendonk Duffels

The exhibitors list for 2016 includes a total of 269 exhibitors. TEFAF aims to show works by “living artists that haven’t been shown before at the fair, but nevertheless have an art historical connection with works that are currently exhibited.”

Beautiful work, the new, the old and the in-between.


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