Designing Mood Boards — Terry Dresbach

Creating Moodboards are essential in the creative design process. Whether you are designing jewelry or gorgeous costumes…

I am sharing Terry Dresbach‘s mood boards on my blog. She is the costume designer for Outlander. The boards are wonderful examples of using imaginary to help direct the course of design. You can see how the colors from many of these photos could be used in the costumes.

I can hardly wait to watch the season. Story boards, design boards or moodboards, whatever you want to call them are an integral part of the design process. Enjoy. KLH

I thought that tonight while I wait for everyone to watch Episode 202, I might post the Moodboards I created for Paris. I needed visuals to pitch to everyone for the visual direction I wanted to go in Having spent Season 1 trying to overcome the issues created by candlelight, I thought I would try…

via Paris Moodboards/Pitch — Terry Dresbach

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