WJA’s Maker’s Project

The Women’s Jewelry Association Maker’s Project, is a fundraiser for the WJA San Diego Chapter. This event benefits the local and national WJA scholarship fund.

Each designer receives a “gem” from a fellow WJA Maker. The challenge is to use the “gem” and create a wearable jewelry design.

Kathleen Lynagh WJA Maker's Project 2016
My gem was an enameled panel

WJA Maker’s II theme is “She Inspired Me…” There are many females in my life that have inspired me. This bamboo style enamel plaque, was inspired by the strongest feminine entity in the world, Mother Nature.

Computer aided drawings
The enameled “gem” reminded me of bamboo. Using the leaves from the bamboo tree I developed a stylised design for the necklace. After finishing some pencil sketches, I took my design into Adobe Illustrator to create the line work. Once the line work was complete I mounted the design to my salvage copper sheet that I purchased from Industrial Sheet Metal in San Diego.
Kathleen Lynagh WJA Maker's Project 2016
Hand piercing the metal is time consuming, but I love the graphic quality of the leaves next to the enameled panel. I also wanted the back of the pendant to be a complete design not simply a back plate.
Kathleen Lynagh
Once the bezel was soldered in place, I oxidized the copper and brushed finished the pendant.
Kathleen Lynagh WJA Maker's Project 2016
The back of the pendant is open to show the entire pattern.
Kathleen Lynagh WJA Maker's Project 2016
The final pendant highlighted by the handmade pearl oxidized sterling silver chain


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