Mountain Star Ruby Collection

Star rubies are the rarest variety of ruby. I find the star rubies to be exotic and romantic. Reminiscent of the gems worn by Hollywood stars in the 30’s and 40’s.

Carole Lombard wearing 152 carat Star sapphire brooch
Carole Lombard wearing her Star Sapphire brooch – hand colored black and white print
Smoky Mountain Two Star ruby
The 86.56 carat Smoky Mountain Two Star ruby is unusual in that stars are visible on both the front and the back of the gemstone.

Stars are more commonly seen in blue sapphires then in rubies. The luminous star pattern is displayed when the gem is cut in a cabochon shape and viewed under certain lights is the result of an optical phenomenon known as asterism. It is inclusions of tiny, needle-like fibres of rutile in the gem that create the distinctive star effect, with six evenly proportioned rays being the most desirable.

What makes this collection truly amazing for me is that it was found in Appalachia North Carolina. Usually they are found in far off places like SriLanka or Burma. This Mountain Star Ruby collection is home gown and 100% Appalachia.

Four Star rubies
Entire collection of Star rubies weighing a total of 342 carats.





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  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I find your website fascinating. If you have any questions about Carole Lombard’s jewelry, I might be able to answer some questions and maybe you can answer some of mine.

    1. Thank you Michael. I would love to know if you know anything about the 152ct star sapphire brooch. I was commissioned to remake it for a costume exhibit in LA. We never could find info on where the star sapphire could be now. We believed it was sold before she married Clark Cable. I have collected as many images as I could find. I have a pinterest board sharing everything I could find. Do you have any info on this piece?

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