Tiffany’s Blue Book

Tiffany’s Blue Book – is all about the best and the brightest, usually one-of-a kind jewels, presented to elite press and clients.

Tiffany added this gorgeous gem of a necklace to the Art of the Wild Collection inspired by the rain forest.

This gold, diamond and platinum necklace weighs 803 grams or approximately 1.75 pounds.
Images showing necklace and sketch of necklace
This collar features 350 uniquely shaped 18K yellow gold fronds, each frond can move independently.  The diamond-set fronds are interspersed among gold fronds.   The top section of the collar contains four rows set with more than 200-baguette-cut diamonds totaling approximately 60-carats. The price has been listed approximately $2-million.


For previous blue books please read:  2015  The Art of the Sea  and  2016 The Art of Transformation .



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  1. A beautiful piece. I can image a 1.75 lb necklace would start to feel a bit heavy by the end of an evening, no?

    Thanks for the info about Tiffany’s Blue Book. I’d never heard of it before, and now I’m off to explore the links you posted. 🙂

    1. When I was a kid I use to read the Sears Catalogue- the Christmas issue, I thought that was wonderful. Now, my new fav is the Blue Book, it totally rocks. As much as I love high jewelry-it is not my style at all. I just love to look at the designs and the beauty of the gems. Thanks for reading.

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