“The Crown” – Triple Pearl Strand

Netflix’s big budget series (rumored to cost $100 million dollar) “The Crown” is a TV program which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth.

Season 1 starts in 1947 with a 21-year-old, just-married Elizabeth (Claire Foy). The decade following covers the beginning of her reign, the early years of her marriage to Prince Philip (Matt Smith) and relationship with her younger sister Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), who wants to marry a divorced man. (Keep in mind, Elizabeth’s father became King after his brother, Edward, abdicated to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson.)

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on their wedding Day (left) and scenes from the “Crown” (right).
the crown
Crown Season 1

Michele Clapton, the costume designer for the series, said that she was attracted to the project’s complicated layers: “It was something that I was really interested in doing because of the story I had to tell, the public and private life.” In the series there were 350 principal costumes and about 7000 extras’ costumes all beautifully detailed.

Here is a video showing highlights the in the film.


Queen Elizabeth wearing her signature triple strand pearl necklace.
pearl necklace-katleen-lynagh-designs
Our design – Triple strand pearl necklace – $700-950, depending on the pearls, made to order. Please contact the studio for details.
Our Design – Smaller version of the triple strand pearl necklace – $400-550, depending on the pearls, made to order. Please contact the studio for details.

In the film, the Queen is shown wearing a three strand pearl necklace. After careful viewing I noticed that the pearls were not knotted. Something only a jewelry designer would see, a very small detail. But pearls should always be knotted, the knots provide the spacing between the pearls to prevent them from touching, which can damage them.


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