“The Young Victoria’s” Crown

Repairing the Crown from one of my favorite films The Young Victoria was just plain fun!

The Young Victoria was released in 2009. Several years later the  Getty Museums  and Swarovski of Los Angeles, sponsored the lecture – Designing Victoria: Visual Sources for Historical Costume. Sandy Powell and Deborah Landis were the guest speakers.  While attending the lecture I found a beautifulsapphire and mounting laying on the stage floor.

gem and mounting
Mounting and the sapphire


The sapphire came from a movie prop that was on display at the lecture. After I was introduced to Deborah Landis and Sandy Powell I promptly handed the “sapphire” over to Sandy Powell. Sandy Powell had commsioned a British maker to create the crown for the movie, The Young Victoria (2009). It seems that the gemstone popped out of the setting while on display at the lecture. Deborah Landis whom I have worked with on the Academy  jewelry installations introduced me to the Swarovski representative and I offered to repair the crown.


The crown at that time was on display in the offices of  Swarovski. While visiting their office in LA, I was shown the sceptre and asked to repair that as well.

The Finished Crown:

The repaired “Young Victoria’s” crown

The Scepter:

The scepter had been severly damaged in shipping. So it was a challenge to repair it. Many of the parts were cracked and we could not solder them without damaging the plating.



The components were beautifully made and with the right materials and glue I was able to restore the parts without damaging the materials.


The repaired scepter from “Young Victoria”


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