Tiffany’s Blue Book

Tiffany's Blue Book - is all about the best and the brightest, usually one-of-a kind jewels, presented to elite press and clients. Tiffany added this gorgeous gem of a necklace to the Art of the Wild Collection inspired by the rain forest.   For previous blue books please read:  2015  The Art of the Sea  and  2016 The Art... Continue Reading →

V&A – Jewelry on Exhibit

Two Nerdy History Girls is a great blog that I really enjoy reading. Loretta, from Two Nerdy History Girls reported  about a jewelry reward the Prince Regent gave to two Cotes sisters that he’d entrusted with keeping his daughter, the Princess Charlotte, from running amok. The Prince Regent was very generous in his gift of gorgeous... Continue Reading →

Birthday Gemstone Chart

A recent trend in engagement ring design is to use your birthstone. Check out the chart above. Saved from a cherished issue of Town and Country - my favorite magazines for years. If you are set on your using birthstone please keep in mind, all birthstones are not created equal. You want to wear your ring everyday and last... Continue Reading →

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth about 100 miles or so below the surface in the upper mantle. Diamonds are quite old. At least hundreds of millions of years old, but in most cases billions of years old, anywhere from one to three billion years old, a time when the earth was probably hotter... Continue Reading →

TEFAF Maastricht 

Beautiful showcase for beautiful jewelry. Hemmerle at TEFAF Maastricht.  Not all of the works on exhibit are from contemporary designers. Below are two of my favorite images. Rich gold with gorgeous gems are the highlights shown in these pieces. The exhibitors list for 2016 includes a total of 269 exhibitors. TEFAF aims to show works by “living... Continue Reading →

Tucson Jewelry Show

I have been attending the annual International Tucson Gem Show since I was a buyer for a design studio in Oakland, in the early 90's.  Seems like ages ago. But I never grow tired of the amazing sights to behold, tables piled high with gems and pearls. This mega show (45 separate shows) is a wonderful place to meet industry peers (55,000... Continue Reading →

Lydia Courteille – An Amazing Artist

She is one of my a favorite designers, bold and adventurous, two characteristics that I admire. Lydia Courteille’s jewellery collection tells the tale of a Native American legend, thru the use of vibrant gemstones and amazing metalwork. Lydia Courteille is based in Paris. She has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years. This... Continue Reading →

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