The Completed Re-Created Victorian Pendant for Larry McQueen

When you get the package back from the plating company, I always take a deep breath and hope that it looks like the real thing.

I prefer to make jewelry in the metal of choice and not to plate my designs. However, sometimes the project parameters require plating. I opened the box and was delighted to see a beautiful product. A beautiful job on the two tone plating.


  Bergman 090 Bergman 088

Bergman 091

This was the start of a new adventure for me. Shortly after this project I was commissioned to re-create three new and different pieces. A brooch for Carole Lombard, a pendant for Greta Garbo and a brooch for Susan Hayward.


Ingrid Bergman’s Pendant at the Maker’s Bench

The Ingrid Bergman pendant was a huge challenge for us in many ways. Locating a historical pendant, similar in design, on-line was a huge gain for us. Next we developed the design details and presented a design story board for client approval.

We use this method for all of our projects
We use a design board for all of our projects. A daily reminder of  the research and visuals we have decided to incorporate into the project.

I knew from my historical research that jewelry from the Victorian time period, was made in precious and in non-precious metals. So we  decided to review our options for materials. Our budget dictated that we go with brass and plate it to look like gold.

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