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Jewelry in films

Posts about jewelry and how it is featured in films

“The Crown”

The Crown” is Netflix big budget (rumored to cost $100 million dollar) binge-able series which chronicles a British monarch’s life with six 10-episode seasons — Continue reading ““The Crown””

Paris Moodboards — Terry Dresbach

Creating Moodboards are essential in the creative design process. Whether you are designing jewelry or gorgeous costumes… Continue reading “Paris Moodboards — Terry Dresbach”

Satine’s Necklace from Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman wearing Satine
Nicole Kidman wearing Satine in the movie Moulin Rouge

When I first started designing re-creative jewelry… Continue reading “Satine’s Necklace from Moulin Rouge”

The Jewelry of Downton Abbey

I am sharing this because I know some of you are fans of Downton Abbey and The Young Victoria (a project I had the fortunate opportunity to work on). This is reblogged from GIA, Carlsbad, CA , a wonderful resource for jewelry information. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. This is the type of work I love to do. KLH


Downton Abbey is one of the most popular shows on television, and its authentic costumes and jewelry are part of its charm.  Continue reading “The Jewelry of Downton Abbey”

Young Victoria’s Crown in My Studio

Sometimes when you least expect it you get lucky.

Deborah Landis interviewing Sandy Powell at the Getty

While attending a lecture at the Getty, Designing Victoria: Visual Sources for Historical Costume by costume designer, Sandy Powell, I found a beautiful Sapphire laying on the stage floor. I grabbed it like any jewelry designer would.

Continue reading “Young Victoria’s Crown in My Studio”

Four Re-Creative Jewelry Designs for Larry McQueen

Larry McQueen, the owner of The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design commissioned the following works:

Gaslight” costume worn by Ingrid Bergman

Each project shows the initial image from the film, the completed re-creative jewelry and the costume and jewelry on exhibit.

Owned by: The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design

Continue reading “Four Re-Creative Jewelry Designs for Larry McQueen”

Downton Abby at Winterthur

The Jewelry from Season 2-3 Continue reading “Downton Abby at Winterthur”

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