Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry at the Academy Museum

Hollywood CostumeExhibit made it's debut at the historic Wilshire May Company building, the  new home for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Los Angeles. Originally, organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (V&A), this exhibition explores costume design as an important part of cinematic storytelling. Greta Garbo's pendant from "Queen Christina". KLH

Susan Hayward’s Brooch | Adding the Gemstones

Counting and placing diamonds or crystals for this design project is painstakingly slow work. We selected varies sizes of crystals ranging from 1mm - 4mm to re-create the Pave style setting for Susan Hayward's Star brooch. Having created the initial design drawings for the brooch on the computer enabled us to have the flexibility of getting... Continue Reading →

Susan Hayward’s Brooch | At the Maker’s Bench

After days of refining design details, soldering, polishing and setting crystal gemstones, the complex brooch finally come to fruition. The emerald and diamond star brooch that was seen in movies like "Ada" and "Valley of the Dolls" was finally coming together. Susan Hayward's dazzling recreated brooch was on display at the Hollywood Costume Exhibition in LA... Continue Reading →

Creating Pave Setting in Wax

Shown above is the star brooch for Susan Haywood. Each ball represents what would be the Pave setting for the gem. Below you will see the small balls being applied with a thin hot wire. The light green wax melts and cools quickly, forming perfect little balls. For several years, I worked as a full-time wax carving artist. Our clients... Continue Reading →

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